If a physician has diagnosed you with a sleep related breathing disorder:

No matter the disorder, you can contact us to be tested for usage of an oral appliance. This can help things such as sleep apnea or upper airway resistance syndrome. We will calculate the likelihood of success for an oral appliance through a complete examination, including evaluating your health and prognosis of oral tissues that might be affected by use of the oral appliance. We will then discuss with you your options and payments. We will disclose our thinking behind every step of the way for you.

If you haven’t been diagnosed with a sleep related breathing disorder:

contact us for an appointment for a screening. This screening will give us a better idea of your likelihood to develop a breathing disorder. If we decide this is likely, you can discuss this with one of our sleep physicians for a polysomnography test. This is the gold standard to diagnose sleep apnea as well as many other sleep disorderse. Medical insurance companies can likely compensate you for part of your therapy so long as you get the diagnosis and prescription by a professional.

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