This is Premier Sleep Solutions where we try to help you sleep the best you can. Certain conditions can have health effects that can hurt you for a long time. One specific one is Obstructive Sleep Apnea which we help people with a lot. Usually people get recommended a CPAP machine. However, most people feel uncomfortable with that and never get used to it for as long as they use it. Here at Premier we offer to have you use an Oral Appliance.

About Oral Appliances

Oral Appliances are sleep devices are are fitted to your mouth by a specialist. They are usually worn during the night while you are sleeping. The Appliance works by anchoring both rows of teeth and then extending your jaw. Doing this will free your lungs and allow you get to get the proper airflow to stop snoring during the night. It’s fit to your mouth for maximum comfort. With so many Oral Appliances to choose from, our team should be able to find the Oral Appliance that works for you.

Getting Started

Once you decide you’re ready you may need to call and set up and appointment with one of the members of our team. We will check with you to see if you have Sleep Apnea, if not then we can look for the best possible treatment via a sleep study. Then one of our team members will build a fitted appliance. Often, this can be covered by your insurance. We will consult your Sleep Specialist and possibly your Physician to get you the best treatment you can get.

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